Since traditional times, gold has been in the demand for various special events and festivals. We, at Sai Cash for Gold, are a team of experts dealing in the exchange of the precious gold assets. We assess the gold ornaments and make the exchange easy for you. All of our staff has attained certified training in dealing with the customers and estimating the worth of their goods. We do care of all the things starting from acknowledging the procedure to safely providing the standardized quotation.

At Sai Cash for Gold, we pay the value that is exact and favorable for your gold ornament. Assessing the value for gold is not an easy task. And since it fluctuates with the market rates, it becomes an important task to provide you with complete transparency. We make sure that you get the best price for your investment. Being it in the form of cash or cheque, every step is taken care with complete authenticity. It is a one-stop-shop solution to have the exchange of your gold, diamond or silver jewelry and get the instant cash on demand.

We are accompanied by a number of workers professionalized in this field. They do on the spot analysis and make on the spot payment as well. Even if, when you ask for some extra cash for your liquidity, we have special norms and take care of all your requirements.

We deal in the following services:

We are among the trusted leaders in the concept of gold exchange in India. We have fixed policies and provide you with enough space & comfort to understand the same. All of our customers are treated equally and provided with the best & fair value for your precious assets. Thus, there remains no chance to go bare hand or without any satisfaction. Our professionals attain all your queries and provide you with the ultimate peace of mind by handling the complete procedure- all as per your needs.


  • Instant cash, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque.
  • We are the trusted buyers in the industry for any kind of precious ornament.
  • We are the firm with years of experiences with 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Do care of your jewelry pieces. Selling stolen jewelry is a punishable offense.
  • Get the important documents like photo ID, Address proof etc. for the purpose of the transaction.