If you are looking for some cash against your gold ornament, then you have landed on the right place!

Sai Cash for Gold is the trusted name in the industry bringing you with the top-notch services. We are professionals in selling cash against your gold ornaments. We follow the finest way to check the quality of your ornaments. We are the leading brand dealing with the exchange of gold being it any form- used or unused. We bring you the concept of selling gold for getting instant cash hand in hand. We are Delhi- based branch dealing in the exchange of gold, diamond and silver ornaments from many years. We have maintained the legacy in the industry that will reflect in our work.

Turn your old/ unused Gold ornament into some valuable cash!

Dealing in the exchange of gold ornaments is highly sophisticated work. In case of emergencies, selling gold can be a big decision. If customers are provided with wrong assistance, it can create a big loss for their valuable assets. And in other cases due to some low rate services, people often get feared to sell their hard-earned gold ornaments because of not getting the appropriate value in return. We stand in your hard times by supporting you with the complete assistance and providing you with the right value for your gold. We service our clients with instant cash. What all required is to give us a call or visit our center and seek the service at its best!


The value is being evaluated using the machine and then the exact price is decided. In case, you have not signed any bond with us, you can compare the value of your jewelry piece and can find what quotation we have provided to you.

What type of Gold Articles do we deal with?

Being it any bracelet, ring, earring, coin or bar, we deal in every kind of gold jewelry or ornament. After testing the quality of your jewelry piece, our experts provide you with the best possible quotation. We assure you the highest-paid value.

The procedure that we follow:

  • We accept any type of jewelry piece. Be it any used/ unused/ broken/ old ornament, or coin, we provide the charges for the quality that you bring to us.
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our main motive. We offer you with personalized cabin wherein our trained experts will acknowledge you with the procedure.
  • The quality will be tested after your concern. Our procedure is enough transparent to let you compare our services with others.
  • Our experts are well trained in testing the worth of any jewelry piece. They all belong from the professional universities and have attained expertise in the industry.

Once the ornament is tested, the quotation chart is provided to help you get the highest possible value for your gold ornaments.

Please Note:

Get the important documents like photo ID, Address proof etc. for the purpose of the transaction. Do care of your jewelry pieces. Selling stolen jewelry is a punishable offense.