Silver comes at second place when we talk about the precious metals in India. We have been using the silver coins, anklets, utensils, and jewellery since historical times. It is also seen as a piece of investment after gold and diamond. With its usage or degrading properties, people often like to exchange their jewelry pieces or ornaments with the new ones. Here, at Sai Cash for Gold, we offer you the services getting cash against your used/old/broken silver ornaments.


After gold, selling silver is also seen as a feasible option to get some instant cash. We deal in any kind of silver jewelry, utensil, coin, anklet, or any form of a broken piece of ornament. We are among the leading brands to introduce you with the concept of cash for silver in the country where people find it hard to get the appropriate value for their gold or silver ornament. So, if you are the one looking selling any silver ornament, you can approach us or visit us in Delhi NCR region.

People may have different reasons to sell their silver ornaments. Whatever be your reason, we at Sai Cash for Gold gives enough transparency to understand the procedure and get the real value for your asset. You can turn your unwanted piece of jewelry into valuable cash by just visiting our branch in Delhi NCR. We have been into this field for many years. We value your assets or jewels and offer you the instant cash on your demand.

What do we buy?

  • Silver Chains
  • Silver Rings
  • Silver Trays
  • Silver Tea Sets
  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Ornaments
  • Silver Cutlery
  • Silver Tankards
  • Silver Bangles
  • Silver Anklets
  • Silver Earrings

At Sai Cash for Gold, we buy unused/broken ornaments. One can easily avail the services and reach us via prior appointment or can directly contact us.

We, at Sai Cash for Gold, give high value to our customers. Whatever be the condition of your ornament, we provide personalized space for your visit. Our experts are enough professionalized to service you at your ease. The ornament that you bring to us is first tested by TOUCHSTONE method. Then as per the quality analysis, the highest possible quote is provided to you.

Please Note:

Get the important documents like photo ID, Address proof etc. for the purpose of the transaction. Do care of your jewelry pieces. Selling stolen jewelry is a punishable offense.